Employment Bulletin
September 2020
The total number of jobseekers increased

At the end of September, the number of jobseekers registered at the Employment and Economic Development Offices totalled 658,500, up 143,000 on the previous year. Of the jobseekers, 334,900 were men and 323,600 were women. Compared to the situation a year ago, the number of men increased by 80,000 and the number of women by 63,000.

Of the jobseekers, 211,000 were employed, 191,700 of them were on the open labour market and 19,300 were employed through the services of the employment and economic development administration. The number of job seekers on the open labour market increased by 47,300 from September a year earlier. The number of jobseekers outside the labour force was 114,900, of whom 26,700 in services promoting employment and 65,800 were in training. Of the jobseekers, 315,800 were unemployed jobseekers, which is 89,700 more than the year before. In September, 56,700 of unemployed jobseekers were fully laid off, which is 4,200 less than in August. The number of people fully laid off increased by 48,400 from September a year earlier. Furthermore, jobseekers on a reduced working week numbered 16,900, representing an increase of 11,600 from the year before.