Employment Bulletin
June 2021
Unemployment decreased at all levels of education

Examined by level of education, unemployment decreased from June last year at all levels of education; the decrease was greatest among those with lower-degree level tertiary education (-37 %), post-secondary non-tertiary education (-31 %), lowest level of tertiary education (-30 %) and higher-degree level tertiary education (-29 %). Unemployment fell the least among those with higher level basic qualifications (-13 %), level of education ‘unknown’ (-15 %) and doctorate or equivalent level tertiary education (-16 %).

Unemployment decreased in all occupational groups

Examined by occupation, unemployment decreased in all groups from June last year; the greatest decreases were in the groups of ‘unknown’ (-25,900), service and sales workers (-23,300), professionals (-13,100) and technicians and associate professionals (-10,900). Unemployment decreased the least in the groups of armed forces (-10), skilled agricultural, forestry and fishery workers (-600) and managers (-1,500).