Employment Bulletin
March 2021
Unemployment increased more among men than women

Of the unemployed jobseekers, 190,900 (58%) were men and 140,600 (42%) were women, indicating an increase of 400 for men and 4,000 for women from the figures for February. Compared with March a year ago, unemployment increased by 18,200 (11%) among men and by 4,200 (3%) among women.

Unemployment increased in all age groups over the age of 25

At the end of March, unemployed jobseekers aged under 25 numbered 40,600, representing a decrease of 500 from March a year ago. Youth unemployment increased from February by 1,700. For those under 20, the number of unemployed was 7,400. Among those over 50, the number of unemployed was 120,000, representing an increase of 12,700 on the year before. Among those over 55, the number of unemployed was 84,600, representing an increase of 10,800 on the year before. Proportionally, unemployment increased the most for those over 59 (21%) and in the age groups 40–44 and 55–59 (on average 9%). With the exception of 50–59-year-olds, unemployment increased in all age groups compared with February, the most among those aged over 64 (7%) and those aged under 25 (4%).