Employment Bulletin
August 2021
Number of persons in labour market training remains unchanged

At the end of August, labour market training was attended by 19,400 students, which is unchanged from the previous year. Of the students, 9,000 were men and 10,400 were women. The number of men decreased by 300, and the number of women rose by close to 400 from August last year. During August, 5,900 new students began labour market training, representing an decrease of 1,200 on the year before.

Based on target occupation, the largest subgroup within the category of 'unknown' were people in integration training (6,800), which is the same as the year before.

The number of persons in training decreased

At the end of August, 1,600 persons were in training, which is 2,700 less than the year before. Of those in training, 800 were men and 800 women. Career coaching was provided to 1,100 participants, which is 2,600 less than a year earlier. The number of participants in job search training decreased by 200 from the year before.

The number of people in self-motivated study decreased from the previous year

Self-motivated studies supported by unemployment benefits were attended by a total of 29,600 people, representing a decrease of 3,200 on the year before. The number of men receiving unemployment benefits for studies was 11,600, down 1,800 on the previous year. Among women, the number was 18,000, representing a decrease of 1,500 on the year before. Occupation was undetermined in case of 8,400 persons in the group of 'unknown', down 1,400 on the previous year.