Employment Bulletin
March 2022
Unemployment decreased more among women than men

Of the unemployed jobseekers, 147,900 (59%) were men and 102,800 (41%) were women, indicating a decrease of 7,500 for men and 7,400 for women from the figures for February. Compared with March a year ago, unemployment decreased by 43,000 (-23%) among men and by 37,800 (-27%) among women.

Unemployment decreased in all age groups

At the end of March, unemployed jobseekers aged under 25 numbered 26,300, representing a decrease of 14,300 from March a year ago. Youth unemployment fell by 1,900 from February. There were 4,700 unemployed persons under 20. Among those over 50, the number of unemployed was 98,800, representing a decrease of 21,200 on the year before. Among those over 55, the number of unemployed was 73,200, representing a decrease of 11,400 on the year before. Unemployment decreased the most among those under 30 (-33%) and the least among those over 59 (-6%). With the exception of those over 64, unemployment decreased in all age groups compared with February, the most among those aged 20–29 (-7%).