Employment Bulletin
December 2022
The total number of jobseekers decreased

At the end of December, the number of jobseekers registered at the Employment and Economic Development Offices and municipalities participating in the local government pilots on employment totalled 483,700, down 87,200 on the previous year. Of the jobseekers, 249,700 were men and 234,000 were women. Compared to the situation a year ago, the number of men decreased by 41,600 and the number of women by 45,500. Of the jobseekers, 234,200, or 2,100 less than a year earlier, were customers of municipalities participating in the local government pilots on employment.

Of the jobseekers, 129,000 were employed: 73,600 of them were in full-time work, 34,700 were in part-time work and 20,700 were employed through the services organised by the employment and economic development administration and local government pilots on employment. The number of jobseekers outside the labour force was 88,200, of whom 23,900 were in services promoting employment and 49,600 in training. Of the jobseekers, 260,400 were unemployed jobseekers, which is 14,900 less than the year before. In December, 23,600 of unemployed jobseekers were fully laid off, which is 9,700 more than in November. The number of people fully laid off decreased by 1,800 from December a year earlier. Furthermore, jobseekers on a reduced working week numbered 6,100, representing a decrease of 2,600 from the year before.