Employment Bulletin
October 2023

On this website you will find the latest statistics from the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment's monthly Employment Bulletin. You can access a .pdf version of the current and previous months' Employment Bulletin by following the link on the right. The Employment Bulletin is based on the data from the MEAE's Employment Service Statistics. The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment compiles statistics on the clients of the Employment and economic development offices (TE offices), including registered job-seekers, labour market policy services, and job vacancies reported to TE offices by employers. The data is collected from the customer service registry (URA) used by the TE offices. This means that the data used by MEAE Employment Service Statistics is completely registry-based. The statistical data covers all persons, services, and open vacancies in the aforementioned groups, as separately defined in the registry by the classifications and variables for the statistical period in question.

Owing to seasonal variations, the Employment Bulletin always includes a comparison with the corresponding month in the previous year. The descriptors used in the Bulletin are also available in a table format. The Employment Bulletins are published at the end of the subsequent calendar month. The official date of publication is announced in advance.

The following symbols have been used:

. Category not applicable

... Data subject to secrecy